Celestial Baby Stroller Toy Pram Garland

Lila Wooden Toys

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Celestial baby stroller toy is a perfect baby shower gift or a part of baby nursery decor! The sun and the planet on the pram garland is a rattle and will keep baby's attention. Wooden shooting star hanging on the car seat toy will soothe baby's gums. Different textured beads have a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills. On both sides of the Celestial stroller garland are wooden rings and ties. So it can be can be easily turned into a baby gym toy! We gladly accept custom orders for the stroller chains as well as any other types of toys!

Celestial stroller toy is absolutely safe, as it is made of natural materials: beech wood, impregnated with coconut oil and beeswax, which creates an antibacterial effect. Pendants are made of beech beads, crochet with natural cotton yarn. Please notice all the wooden parts are perfectly polished and finished with oil&wax.