Amazing Baby Animals Pairs Cards

Button and Squirt

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Introducing a super cute and fun matching pairs set of cards featuring some gorgeous animals as babies and as adults. It’s amazing to see how different some of them look when the are babies.

The set includes 36 cards, 18 adults and 18 babies.

The Cards have a bright and funky rainbow back and then each pair has a lovely bright matching background. The adult cards have their name on them too so you can learn who they are as you play. 

Play pairs or memory and see who can find the most pairs of adult and baby animals.

All kids love to play cards, and matching pairs is such a fun way for them to play and learn at the same time, and with these cards they will be learning about some of the amazing animals that we share the planet with.

Each card is approximately 78 x 108mm

Illustrated and designed by "Button and Squirt" in Wiltshire and Printed in the UK, using FSC certified card, and coated with a water based finish making them recyclable at the end of their life. Presented in a fully printed and laminated box. CE tested. There is no plastic wrap on any of our products and all items are posted plastic free. 

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