Amazing Animal Families Game

Button and Squirt

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Introducing the latest addition to our amazing animals cards, amazing animal families. This fun game will have all the family wanting to play and they will be learning all about the 9 animal groups included at the same time. 

Simply shuffle the cards and deal them out to all the players, pick someone to go first (we usually go with the youngest or the oldest) that player looks at their own cards and asks one of the other players or an animal that they need to complete a family group. Each family group has 4 cards, 2 adults and 2 young. The idea is to collect as many family groups as possible. If the person they asked has got the card then they have to hand it over and the player gets another go. If they don't have the card they asked for then the play passes to the next player. Once you have collected a full family you pop the cards on the table and no one can steal them from you.You keep going around the players until everyone has run out of cards, whoever has the most full families, wins. 

You will notice as you play that every card has some information on it as well, you get to learn the animals common name, scientific name, the names for male, female, young and a group, their conservation status, where they live and 4 facts (one on each card). Each family is colour coordinated to help younger ones match up their sets.

This pack includes 36 cards, made up of 9 animal families. 

The animals included are:

Adelie Penguin

African Elephant

Asiatic Lion



Painted Dog

Polar Bear

Bottlenose Dolphin

American Alligator 


The cards are 78 x 108mm

Illustrated and designed by "Button and Squirt" in my home studio in Wiltshire, then printed in the Uk using FSC certified card and coated with a water varnish that makes them fully recyclable at the end of their life. They come in a fully printed box that features the animals from the set, which is laminated to protect it and the cards inside. The cards are fully CE tested.

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