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Alphabet of amazing animals flash card set. Filled with fascinating animals from around the world as a fun and educational way of not only teaching the alphabet but also introducing some truly amazing animals. 

As with our other cards this pack features 36 cards, there are 26 letter cards, 9 number cards and 1 key card. 

The cards feature my animal illustration on one side with the animals name and then the letters in upper and lower case and a close up of the animal on the other side. As with my other sets the background colour of the card shows you where the animal is from in the world. 

If you’ve ever tried to play animal alphabet game this is the perfect way to learn what unusual animals begin with each letter. Do you know which unusual animal begins with the letter P, a panda ant of course. Here’s the full list of animals in the set.

This set includes

A for Axolotl

B for Blue Dragon Sea Slug

C for Cassowary

D for Dumbo Octopus

E for Echidna

F for Fossa

G for Gelada

H for Harpy Eagel

I for Indri

J for Jerboa

K for Kiwi

L for Leafy Sea Dragon

M for Manatee

N for Narwhal

O for Okapi

P for Panda Ant

Q for Quokka

R for Red Panda

S for Spoonbilled Sandpiper

T for Tapir

U for Unicorn Fish

V for Vaquita

W for Wildebeest

X fro Xantus Hummingbird

Z for Zorilla

1 Blob Fish

2 Pink Fairy Armadillos

3 Yeti Crabs

4 Galapagos Tortoises

5 Basilisk Lizards

6 Horseshoe Crabs

7 Patas Monkeys

8 Blue Footed Boobies

9 Wombats

Each card is approximately 78mm x 108mm 

They come in a fully printed box, making a great gift, and they are a great size to take with you on your travels for whenever the kids need entertaining. The perfect gift for any young animal lover. 

Illustrated and designed by "Button and Squirt" in Wiltshire and Printed in the UK, using FSC certified card, and coated with a water based finish making them recyclable at the end of their life. Presented in a fully printed and laminated box. CE tested. There is no plastic wrap on any of our products and all items are posted plastic free. 

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