About Us


My name is Inna. I’m a free-spirited, wild and happy wife and mother of two toddlers. I enjoy eating lots of fresh fruits and spend my days re-discovering our World with my kids. Whatever I do with my kids from their birth- I use my intuition and my instincts. I have a strong desire for my kids to be happy at every moment. I would like them to enjoy every experience, I would like them to learn from personal experience, I would like them to personally discover as much as they can about this world. As a mom, I also learn from my experiences with my kids, I constantly adjust and modify my approach as needed.

One thing that is very obvious to me, every kid is born curious and willing to learn as much as possible about this world. They want to know about their family, they want to know about nature and planet Earth, about Space and the Universe, about the plants and trees that surround them, about colors and numbers. At certain age, they naturally get interested in numbers and math, in letters and have a strong desire to read, and in all the sciences. They want to know about arts, crafts, music, dance, ballet, foreign languages among other things. The Curiosity is there - it just needs to be supported not discouraged...

Not every mom has the time for DIY projects and activities. But for busy parents there are a lot of resources available for purchase. They assist kids in discovering this world and to obtain a certain set of skills such as high concentration, self motivation, and a strong desire to discover and learn on their own...lots of moms out there come up with creative products for their kids and then eventually start selling those products. I’m a huge fan of many such products and I tested many of them with my kids. Many products are not available be purchased in the United States as they are created and sold in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

I created this website to share some of my experiences as a mom to my wild and free kids as well as to introduce some of the amazing educational materials and toys to American parents and make it more accessible for purchase locally here in the USA.

WildFreeHappyKids is the site that hopefully will assist some parents to raise happy kids while supporting their natural curiosity to discover this world. Kids want to learn and discover about this beautiful Planet Earth and beyond from birth. Using the right tools- this curiosity could be encouraged and develop a child’s ability to continue self discovering...

WildFreeHappyKids’ mission is to support kids and parents with amazing tools to help kids learn about this world. Our mission is also to support Wild and Free entrepreneurs, and small business owners that create amazing small batch activities and tools for kids and their parents.